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Wed, Jul 20, 2016

Rising to the Challenge
OFSOA Workshop April 7-8, 2016

Attendees found several opportunities to ‘Rise to the Challenge’ at this year’s OFSOA workshop.  Hosted by Olivia Houck and Sami Smith of Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, the workshop proved to be another well crafted educational experience offering insight into the joys and pitfalls of social media, the mysteries of the PERS system, the intricacies of the grant application process, and tapping into the leadership skills residing in all of us—all this just on Day One!
After a solid day of training, we gathered for an evening of dinner and fun at a local bowling alley.  Donna Fleishman of McMinnville won the grand prize of the evening with four strikes to her name.
Day Two found us back at the TVFR Training Center.  The morning started with an invigorating presentation on wellness and the importance of incorporating movement throughout the work day.  Following our instructors’ lead, we practiced a few desk-exercises designed to add fitness in the workplace and then enjoyed a brief, brisk stroll around the training center’s grounds.  Everyone was ‘glowing’ by the time we returned to the class room.  
The final presentation of the workshop offered an up close, intimate look at the lessons learned from the tragedy of the South Canyon Fire (Colorado, 1994) which claimed the lives of 14 firefighters.  It was a sobering reminder of how a seemingly routine, run-of-the-mill event can quickly explode into a dramatic, tragic, life-changing episode.
In addition to the exceptional training, the workshop offered invaluable opportunities for meeting, catching up, and networking with veteran and new colleagues.  
Many thanks to our hosts, Olivia Houck and Sami Smith, and to our presenters:  
Christina Lent (Social Media Latest & Greatest Do’s and Don’ts)
Debra Grabler (PERS Update)
Kristin Chaffee (Grant Writing)
DC Dustin Morrow (Leadership & Data)
Lt. Steve Johnson & Melissa Ellison (Wellness—Get Up and Moving)
Kip Grey (Lessons Learned from Storm King Mountain)
Mark your calendars for the 2016 OFSOA Conference, October 18-21 in Ashland.  Don’t forget scholarships are available for registration fees and related travel expenses—check out the OFSOA website for details.


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