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OFSOA 2008 Annual Conference Highlights

Thu, Jul 24, 2008

Join us in scenic Bend for OFSOA’s 2008 Annual Conference
October 15 – 17, 2008

Our focus for this year’s Conference will be on achieving
Peak Performance ~ Elevate Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Your Conference Committee is hard at work planning an informative, entertaining and enlightening schedule of events, including…

Hit by the Stupid Truck - Jeff Johnson, Fire Chief, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue

Jeff will talk to us about being “Hit by the Stupid Truck.” Have you ever watched in agony as a colleague self-destructs publicly from their own behavior and wondered...what were they thinking? Were they hit by the stupid truck? Chief Johnson delves into the causes that underlie self destructive conduct that seems to belie reason and rational thinking—but in the end, hurts all of us even remotely affiliated with our respective professions. While painfully humorous, we will learn to spot at-risk patterns of conduct and gain insight into the difference between a lone event and symptomatic behaviors.

Public Records Management - Mike Matthews, Records Management Analyst, Oregon Secretary of State Archives Division

Mike will speak to the issues of records retention, including retention schedules, records management, and the Public Records Laws of the State of Oregon.

When Tragedy Strikes Close – Taking Care of Ourselves - Mark Taylor, Captain, Bend Fire & Rescue

In this fun and interactive session, Captain Taylor will help us explore how and why we react to tragedies close to us. Both on and off the job, what happens to those around us can profoundly impact our lives. We'll look at what can we do to help ourselves and others after the fact, discuss preventative measures we can take to prepare ourselves, and briefly explore the topic of stress and Critical Incident Stress Debriefing.

How to Read People - Micheal J. Beck, President and Founder, Exceptional Leadership, Inc.

Michael will speak on the art of reading people and effective presentation skills. We’ll learn about the four Social Styles and how to read these styles in others by effectively observing and listening, and how to adjust our presentation to best deliver our information for each Social Style.

IRS Reporting Requirements - Volunteer Reimbursement & Fringe Benefits - Tom Mansell, Internal Revenue Service

Tom will provide us with information on IRS reporting requirements related to Volunteer Reimbursement and Fringe Benefits in the Fire Service.

Reducing Stress and Preventing Burnout - Robin Rose, Robin Rose Training and Consulting

In Robin’s session we will explore how to maintain a healthy work – life balance. Her focus will be on energy, good health and practices essential to prevent burnout and fatigue. This will be a fun, energizing session you won’t want to miss!

Evening Activities:

Wednesday Evening
- back by popular demand is BUNCO!!, our President’s Fun Night event.

Thursday Evening - will be the President’s Banquet and Installation of Officers, with a scrumptious menu catered by Phoenix Café.

The conference committee is working on the conference registration forms and information will be posted as it becomes available. You are encouraged to make your room reservations as soon as possible, if you are planning on attending. Visit Events for more information

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