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Nominations Committee Activated

Tue, Sep 25, 2007

Nominations Committee Activated

At the last OFSOA board meeting, the Nominations Committee was activated and charged with recruiting OFSOA members who might be interested in running for board positions that will be open this year. Elections for vice-president, treasurer, and representatives for regions 4 and 5 will be held at the fall conference at Hood River. Anyone wishing to serve on the committee can contact Past President Elaine Parrott at past_president@ofsoa.com or call 541-327-2822. The committee will solicit nominations from the membership, call for nominations at the business meeting during conference, prepare and count the ballots. This is a great opportunity to serve on a committee.

2007 Nominations Sought For OFSOA Board

The two-year term positions of Vice-President, Treasurer, Region 4, and Region 5 will be up for election at the 2007 conference in October. Serving on the board is a great experience and with the upcoming elections, members are encouraged to think about pursing a board position.

There are four scheduled board meetings each year (first part of the year, spring workshop, July, and at fall conference). The commitment of attending meetings, workshops, and conference can take time away from your daily duties. However serving as a board member is very rewarding. Those interested are encouraged to review the by-laws to gain a full understanding of the process. The nomination form must be completed and signed by your supervisor, and a letter from your agency indicating their support is also required.

According to the OFOSA By-Laws, the duties of the upcoming positions include:

Vice-President - perform the duties of the president as necessitated by the absence of the president, to work with the education and conference committees, and to assist the president whenever required.

Treasurer - to receive all monies due to the organization and to keep a complete account of the same; to make a full and complete report of all monies received and disbursed at each meeting of the organization and of the executive board; execute, along with the president or vice-president, all written contracts of the organization; and perform such other duties as are required by the president.

Region Representative - to contact members in their regions and correlate information; to act as a liaison between the members of their area and the executive board; to work with the education committee in coordinating regional workshops and training seminars to be conducted in their areas.

Anyone interested in pursuing a board position can contact Past President Elaine Parrott, past_president@ofsoa.com or call at 541-327-2822, who is serving as chair of the Nominations Committee.

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