Oregon Fire Service Office Administrators

"Sharing a Standard of Excellence"


The OFSOA Accreditation Program is an optional program for the self-improvement of our membership. Though structured, it is an on-going and flexible program.

Each of the four Levels of Certification requires a total of fifty-two hours of courses in the following categories: Office Management, Communications, Financial, Operations, and Interpersonal Dynamics.

Complete information explaining the Accreditation Program and its requirements can be downloaded using Acrobat Reader by clicking on the following links. The packet is also available upon request from our Accreditation Chair by sending an e-mail to accreditation@ofsoa.com

Accreditation Documentation Worksheets
Accreditation Training History
Accreditation Program Guidelines
Accreditation Outline
Accreditation Quick Start Guide

Recognition for completion of Level I, Level II, Level III, or Level IV will be performed at the annual OFSOA conference each year.